Airdrop Season is Here: COINSBIT is excited to announce Round 2 and 3 of CIN airdrop

Here’s how you can claim CIN Airdrop — step by step guide!

5 min readJun 10, 2021


Dear Coinsbit India Users,

We are excited to announce that our team has been working day & night on improving our KYC process. We are pleased to inform you that more users will now be able to get their Coinsbit India accounts verified and start trading their favorite cryptocurrencies safely on your favorite platform.

We would like to thank you for making the first round of our CIN airdrop a huge success. The response we got was immense and we would like to continue giving back to the community. As such, we are excited to announce the second and third rounds of our CIN airdrop.

We would like to introduce 3️⃣ Airdrop rounds:

1️⃣Round — $200 (09/04–19/06)

2️⃣Round — $100 (20/06–9/07)

3️⃣Round — $50 (10/07–31/07)

Please note: Coinsbit India users have 10 days starting from today to claim $200 USD airdrop.

Round 2 of CIN airdrop starts from 20/06/2021 and will last until 31/07/2021. Users will be able to claim $100 worth of CIN tokens by registering on the platform and completing the KYC norms.

The fun doesn’t end there as there are more ways to accumulate CIN tokens. Users are able to earn CIN tokens in the following ways:

  • By taking part in the 5-level referral program
  • By Staking CIN on the platform

It’s double the fun if your friends join the party. Inviting friends helps you and your friend earn $CIN tokens based on a 5-level reward system. For round two the reward structure for referrals is as follows:

1 level — $50 (500 CIN tokens) (You invite B)

2 level — $25 (250 CIN tokens) (B invites C)

3 level — $15 (150 CIN tokens) (C invites D)

4 level — $10 (100 CIN tokens)

5 level — $5 (50 CIN tokens)

Round 3 of the airdrop starts from 10/07/2021 and would last until 31/07/2021. The reward system for this round is as follows:

1 level — $25 (250 CIN tokens)

2 level — $15 (150 CIN tokens)

3 level — $10 (100 CIN tokens)

4 level — $5 (50 CIN tokens)

5 level — $3 (30 CIN tokens)

That’s not all, it actually pays to have more friends on Coinsbit India. Users with the highest referral bases get huge cash prizes. The rewards are:

1st place — $5000

2nd place — $3000

3rd place — $1000

4th place — $500

5th place — $300

Nobody likes a crash. Please note that we are implementing effective measures to maintain the stability of the CIN token. As a result, CIN tokens will be unlocked based on the vesting schedule. This helps us preserve the token value and prevent unusual price drops.

CIN is not just a token. By the end of Airdrop (31th of July), you will have an opportunity to buy CIN tokens and start earning on staking pool at a 3% monthly rate. Holders also get a 25% discount on trading fees by paying in CIN.

Steps to complete your KYC: Starting with the Basics (For new users)

Sign up — go to and create an account

  1. Enter the email address and password
  2. Click ‘I agree to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy”
  3. Click ‘register’

Verification will be sent to their email address — this is a super important step and many users are unable to log in to their accounts in the first place because they’re not following the step.

Once that is done, users can then proceed to get their KYC verified. Users who already have a Coinsbit India account can skip the aforementioned step.

Verifying KYC

To start, users need to click on ‘profile’ on the top right corner and scroll down and click ‘Verification’.

Choose the country of residence

For ‘Indian citizens’ we are only accepting Aadhar cards and PAN cards for the time being.

Please note that Indian citizens, cannot use their passports to apply.

Users then need to enter personal information like name, date of birth and then select your gender and click next to proceed to the next step. Please note that the account name you use must match with the name that is used on your Aadhar card or PAN card. A different name will result in your KYC being rejected.

Now the user needs to enter their official address information correctly. Please double-check before proceeding.

For the final step, a user needs to upload a selfie of themselves. It must be noted that we previously required users to hold their official documents as well as a paper sign with the date of their upload written. We no longer require this for Indian residents.

Once all the aforementioned steps are completed, users will receive a confirmation mail from us within 3 hours. Please be patient during this time as we receive thousands of KYC requests every day.

In case an application gets rejected, users can reapply following the feedback they received from our side in the rejection email.

If you are still confused about how to properly apply for KYC verification, take a look at this video tutorial.

More information will be published soon, stay tuned and connected with us on social media to be the first to know. Until then, trade safely on Coinsbit India.

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