How to be a crypto influencer?

The fascination with cryptocurrencies has been spreading like wildfire. The youth segment has shown more interest than just the tech-savvy and business corporations. In such a scenario, the demand for crypto influencers to raise awareness and share market insights and perspectives is widely growing. But the question that arises is ‘How’? — How to become one of the top crypto influencers?

What and Who is an Influencer?

For over two decades, social media has used its power to sneak into the life of a commoner, serving the purpose of not just to entertain but also to educate and promote, which gave rise to a professional figure, the influencer.

Early Interest in Crypto

The potential of cryptocurrencies is still growing in India. It is wise to develop an interest in the early stages to secure a place in the influencer market than when the competition goes to the moon. This also includes gathering enough information about the virtual assets, strategies and factors that the market depends on. The key to growth is finding what makes you enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology.

Start with small investments yourself

You share best what you experience. You need to be willing and ready to gather first-hand knowledge of the technology using strategy application and learn from your errors. Many are tempted to invest more and gain hefty returns but remember there is always another side of every coin. If your strategies do not go as planned, you’ll end up losing a lot more than gaining.

The purpose is to practice and brush your skills, which will help you get a grip of what you share with your followers, making you a reliable source for them. It would also be a great idea to share your Crypto trading platform journey or experience. Choose a platform that gives you easy access and excellent benefits such as low trading fees, API, multiple fiat currencies, and so on. Quick Tip: Coinsbit India has it all.

Understand how Crypto influencers lead the market

A clear understanding of how you’ll be leading the market will help prepare for challenges and knowledge about which direction you want your content to lead. Research has consistently shown that the market believes an influencer’s opinion more than the advertisement.

Cryptocurrency influencers become a tool for the followers to stay updated with the market trends. They represent a particular market stem or have their own specialization, and thus they’re responsible for leading the community towards it by driving interest and growth along with brand reputation. Many look for instant money without a strategy and simply look up to the opinion leaders, and that’s where influencers play a crucial role by indirectly leading the market. However, some followers will also look up to you for direction to the right path and deep learning about the market functions.

Know your purpose

It is crucial to plan what sector or component you wish to focus upon in advance. Some influencers are true Bitcoin investors and promote Bitcoin and blockchain technology where influencers like Layah Heilpern shares crypto news and updates only and the Instagram account Cryptoexplorer shares memes, inspiration, and humour. Similarly, you gain more value when you provide the audience with unique and detailed content over a specific area rather than varied and short information about too many things and everything. Our favourite is Hitesh Mathlani, a 32-year-old globetrotter who uses cryptocurrency to travel. His purpose is mass awareness and growing the community, and he looks forward to meeting the crypto users himself.

Right Platform and Consistency

Now it’s time to execute. First, you will have to decide on which social media platform you would like to start your crypto journey. If you wish to target a professional audience, Twitter is the one. However, if you want to add a touch of humour through memes and reels, Instagram is for you. Explanatory videos and news are great for youtube, and LinkedIn is great for building contacts and sharing updates.

You can eventually get onto multiple platforms but remember that consistency is the key. The crypto market is unpredictable, and the market keeps changing. Therefore, your followers will need you to post updates and information actively.

Lastly, influencers have the power to impact markets and campaigns, simplify concepts and educate. Their scope is widespread, so you will have to be one of a kind to succeed.

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