Important Information: Coinsbit India to Change withdrawal and deposit Wallet Address

Coinsbit India is known for its unmatched convenience, reliability and service. With the technological developments around us and a constantly changing industry, we need to act fast and function with adaptability. To help our user’s experience evolve, we believe in enhancing our solutions in a fast-paced and growing crypto-asset exchange industry.

Having said that, we wish to inform you that due to certain technological upgrades, our Coinsbit India withdrawal and deposit address for BTC and other coins will be changing. The old address might no longer be of any use and will be replaced by the newly regenerated wallet addresses. It is difficult to mention any specific date and time as the update is in process and some users might have been already allotted with regenerated addresses while some are yet to be.

Therefore, we request users to take high care while using or sharing their deposit addresses for all coins. We advise you to be very careful while processing any transfer and check your address twice or thrice if needed. Moreover, Coinsbit India will not be liable for the loss of any funds resulting from the use of old addresses.

Further details on the same will be shared or updated on our social media platforms, in case any.

Users can feel free to contact our 24*7 customer support team for any queries or help regarding the update via chat, email or phone. Our executives are working endlessly and strive to answer everyone as soon as possible.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience while we work towards making our platform an ideal one for all of us.

Happy Trading.

About Coinsbit India

Coinsbit India is a peer-to-peer crypto trading platform connecting buyers with sellers which are powered by Europe’s largest and award-winning cryptocurrency exchange. aims to bring a professional, smooth, easy, and highly liquid Crypto platform in India delivering a superior user experience.

Important Reminder: We advise all users to enable two-factor authentication for their Coinsbit India accounts for maximum security.

Disclaimer: Crypto assets are volatile, and investments in them are risky. We advise you to do thorough research before investing.

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